Old Mac's G2 Hoof Boots

Will there ever be perfect equine hoof boots? The chances are getting better

EasyCare, Inc, the manufacturer of the Easyboot and Boa Horse Boot brands, is teaming up with Old Mac’s™ horse boots in a continuing effort to produce the perfect equine hoof boots line! Garrett Ford (the owner of EasyCare, Inc.) and David McDonald (the inventor of the Old Mac’s™ boot) have plans to collaborate on future Continue reading

Dome Pads

Help for severe hoof problems in horses

Comfort Pads were designed after much collaboration between EasyCare, Inc. and Pete Ramey in the quest to find the perfect product to help severe hoof problems in horses. After many attempts finally the perfect material was found. The new EVA foam Comfort Pad can easily be trimmed to fit into any EasyCare hoof boot and is Continue reading

easy care bare

Barefoot hooves are better says the rising interest in natural hoof care

Barefoot hooves, new research and rising interest in natural hoof care worldwide has prompted the design of EasyCare Inc.™ latest hoof boot, “The Bare”. EasyCare’s new addition is the closest thing to being barefoot while still being a boot ever! Several unique qualities of this boot will interest barefoot enthusiasts and long distance riders alike: Continue reading

Old Mac's G2 Hoof Boots

Old Mac’s Hoof Boots Launches the G2

EasyCare, Inc. and Old Mac’s have released a new and improved “Generation 2″ Old Mac’s Multi-purpose Horse Boot. The G2 Old Mac’s is a fine-tuned version of its popular predecessor, re-engineered for a sleeker look, better performance and greater longevity. One of its most positive features is a new tread pattern that provides aggressive traction Continue reading